Monday, 22 July 2013

Blank Canvas Cosmetics 88 Matt Palette Review

Hey everyone, so I wanted something from Blank Canvas for some time now but was always putting it off and about a month ago I decided that it was time to get a palette. The main reason for getting the palette was that I wanted to do a tutorial for the 4th of July but it didn't come in time. The day after it came I was going away camping in Killarney for 2 weeks.

Blank Canvas is an Irish online cosmetics company. They sell  all sorts of palettes, brushes. The only thing that they don't have is foundation, you never know they might come out with that in the near future. All their products are reasonably priced. This 88 palette that I purchased cost me €23. The PP starts from €4.99. The bigger the palette the more the PP, you I wouldn't mind that as much I don't know about you. They also provide excellent brushes, I got the small socket complementary with my order. I love it.

The palette is just amazing. I always heard good things about Blank Canvas but I didn't think they it would be as good as this. All the shades are just fab. They are really pigmented, they have very little fall out. The texture of these shadows are very creamy and soft and not chalky at all. 

As you can see these are amazing quality shadows and I am really happy that I purchased this palette. All the shadows are matt so this might not be for everyone, but I think that everyone should own a matt palette and for this price you can't go wrong. I didn't swatch all the colors as they are a lot of them. Some shades didn't come out too bring on my hand but I did get a bit of a color in the last few weeks so my hand is much darker. That last shade (blue) is just fab. I can't believe how bright it is. I did a video on this too if you would like to watch it here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I'll talk to you later xx