Thursday, 27 October 2016

MUA romantic Efflorescence palette review.

Hi everyone.

Today I am going to review an MUA palette for you all. This palette is called Romantic Efflorescence. I believe that this pallete has been on the market for some time now. To be honest I haven't been into Superdrug in some time so I really don't know what is new and what is old, to me it's all new to me.

This MUA Romantic Efflorescence palette retails for €5.15 in Superdrug. It is the same packaging as all the other palettes they came out with. It has a clear from but instead of the casing being black it's white this time. It also comes with a double sided spounge applicator. I am just going to go through all the shades first and explain a little about each shade and then I'll give my last toughts on the whole product. The shades are as follows:

Mesmeric: is a matte skin tone shade. It is a good shade as a base or to blend out other shades, there isnt much colour from this shade.

Tempt: is a deep plum shade with some shimmer. Its little bit patchy when applied first, but easy to build up the color. Blends out nicely too.

Currupt: is a matte black shade. Its not very pigmented and applies patchy. Easy to blend.

Obsessed: is a deep brown shade with shimmer. Its more pigmented then Currupt. Its a beautiful shade that blends nicely.

Lavish: is a mid tone brown, that would nicely in the crease. Its easy to blend and a good color pay off.

Fiery: s a gold shimmery shade. Its is a very pigmeted shade

Bewitch: is a deep brown shimmer shade. Its has a buttery texture to it and it was easy to blend.

Magnet: is a matte dark grey shade. Came off a little dusty when applied first. Easy to blend out.

Exposed: is a shimmery light grey shade. It would be nice in the middle of the lid.

Siren: is a matte purple shade. Not as pigmented as the rest, patch when applied. Not as easy to build up the shade.

Reveal: is a shimmery nude shade that would be perfect as a brow bone highlight.

Captivae: is a matte brown shade, which would work lovely in the crease for more defonetion. Easy to blend out.

Over all I really like this Romantic Efflorescence palette, It has a good amound of shadows that are really nice, some of the shades are not that great. I would recomment this palette to my friends. I would give it a 8 out of 10. The look that I created with this palette that I showed in my video, the result from that is: the shadows stayed on all day long. They didn't fade or budge, It was just as good as when I first applied them, that is why I give is palette an 8/10.

That is it guys, I hope you have liked this review, its was short and sweet, if you would like to see this review in evern shorter time check out my channel.

Q. Have you tired any of the MUA products before, let me know in the comments.

Christina x