Monday, 27 April 2015

Five Ways to Entertain a Toddler at the Weekend.

Good morning everyone. I was planning to write the second half of Where it all began but then I thought I might save that for an other time. Today I am going to share five ways to keep your toddler entertained during the weekend. I know some of this is common sense but I think they all work. Rhys is at creche every day from nice to half twelve. Once he comes home the day flies by, by the time I cook his dinner, feed him. Then its some play time and by the time he is finished its tea-time already. At the weekend it a different story, Rhys wakes up at seven in the morning. Trying to keep him entertained for twelve hours can sometimes be hard, especially when you are at home for the day. These are the thngs that I do with Rhys when I have to stay at home during the weekend.

  • Hide and Seek.
As a child I loved playing hide and seek with my friends. I don't know where Rhys picked it up, but I am guesing it was from a cartoon, he enjoyes watching every now and again. As Rhys is our only child we have to play with him. It's still a lot of fun. First Rhys hides, he loves going under covers, blankets and when I am looking for him, I pretend that I can't find him. All I hear is little giggles, its so cute. Once I hide and Rhys finds me, he then hides in the same place as I just did. It's so much fun.
  • Colouring, art and puzzles
Since Rhys started play school he loves colouring and doing art, before that he wasn't really pushed. I bought a few colouring books and a huge amount of colouring pens. As a reward at the end of the week he likes to get a magazine. In those magazines there is plenty of art ideas. Even I enjoying making all the fun art with Rhys. The reason I do art and colouring with him is it gives me a half hour quite time. He isn't running around. Its nice to have some peace in the house. In the last few months he got big into making jigsaw puzzles. I have picked up a few fireman ones, and Monsters Inc. not forgetting the Toy Story one, that he loves to make. He is getting very good at them too.

    putting together a Fireman jigsaw

    having lots of fun glueing

    Going to make them all colourful and fun.
  • Football.
Like most boys Rhys loves football and hurling. Even though I have hid the hurley for a while because he was going around the house swinning the hurley and I was afraid that he would hit someone with it. We have a bit of green in our front gargen and he loves playing football with his dad. Its a boys thing.

  • Sand/Water
We all went to Dublin Zoo for Rhys' birthday last year and he loved it. If you would like to see what we did that day in pictures Dublin Zoo in pics . Rhys loved to play in the sand, he spend more time there then looking at the animals. A few weeks later we bought him a bag of play sand from Smyths toystore. It is a 15kg bag of sand for a less then a fiver. I thought that was good. I didn't have a sandpit for him so instead of buying one, I used a blow up swimming pool that wasn't being used. Now Rhys can have the sand indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. He is happy I am happy.

  • Read a Book.
At the end of the day just before bed I read him a bedtime story. Over the past few months I have been picking up books for Rhys. Everynight a half hour before bedtime I read him a story if its a big book, or a book if its a small one. He loves that and that is his routine. If for some reason a story isn't read to him he won't go to sleep as quickly as when a story was read to him. Its amazing what a little reading can do for a child.

Thank you everyone for reading my post it means a lot to me. I hope you enjoyed this post and please share with me what you like to do with your children. I would love to hear from you. Sorry I don't have that many pictures. Rhys was at my phone and he deleted lots of pictures. Thats just the joys of having a child around.

Christina xx

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3: Spring Look

Hey guys,
About a week ago or so I was going to town with Rhys and I thought it was the perfect time to start wearing some light makeup for spring. We have been having some fantastic weather and I don't like having heavy makeup on when the sun is splitting the stones.
This is what I used to.

Nivea moisturizer.
Rimmel Foundation in Ivory (100)
Miss Sporty Contour in light.
Collection Blush in Bashful.

Primer - NYC Quad for brown eyes.
On the lid: Bliss shadow from Urban Decay naked 3 palette. I uses one shadow and gentle blended it up to the highlight shade Strange. On the lower lash line and on the lower waterline I used Avon's eyeliner in Ultra Violet.

I used my favourite mascara at the moment. Essence Get Big Lashes.

I used Avon's lip pencil in Pink Bouquets
I hope you liked this look. I love the way the violet picked up the Bliss eye shadow perfectly. What do you guys are think.

Christina xx 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Where it all began

Good morning everyone, it's Monday again. Saturday I had a great idea to start a new section on my blog, as you all know I am a mum on one three year old boy named Rhys. I thought that I would share my life as a mum. If I have tips and tricks to share with you I will do that too. I would like to start by saying that this section on of my blog isn't fact and what I write is only based on my experiences. I know I write about Rhys in my Daily Life post but this section will be all mummy related posts. To begin I am going to share with you how Rhys came into to beautiful world.

On the third of September 2011 at eight minutes to eight Rhys was born, weighing at six pounds and twelve ounces. When I heard what his weight was, I was delighted, because while I was pregnant the doctors in the maternity never stopped saying to me that the baby was under weight. At one stage  one doctor said to me that if he didn't start growing and putting on some more weight that they would give me steroids to bring him on. Within a month Rhys had gained weight in my belly and the doctors were happy enough with that. He was eleven days over due and I personally think that it helped. Around 11.45 I was induced and in an hour my waters broke. I was in slow enough labour from there on. By the time morning came I was in full swing of labour the pains very unreal. That night I was taken up to the delivery room where I received my epidural. For those of you who may be thinking of getting one, I would rather not. The doctors will tell you that you are at risk of back problems after it, there is a chance that you could be left paralysed. What the doctors don't tend to tell you is that the baby is also sedated.

I had to find that our for myself when Rhys was born and with in hours he didn't want to drink milk, he wasn't keeping him body temperature. That was all down to the epidural. Rhys was taken down o the ICU for almost five days. It was such a bad feeling, I had to leave my baby under nurses that are under staffed to look after my baby. Rhys was a hungry baby he needed to be fed every three hours, so the nurses held him out for an extra hour and he was crying for that, which I didn't know. To add to all of this one of the nurses gave him a dummy. Which are bad for his teeth and it was them that had advised me not to be given the baby dummies. I know I am just ranting now.

After being in the ICU for five days Rhys was left home. It was such a happy day for me. I was delighted to hold my baby boy in my arms. I moved into my boyfriends house (Jeff) and him mum. She was a great help she told me what to look out for and all of that. At times though I felt that she was doing more harm then helping me, like when he was teething and his temperature would go up, Jeff's mum kept on saying what could happen with a high temperature. I was more always on my toes. Being a first time mum is hard and you never know what is around the corner. I love being a mum its such a rewarding job as some people may say. I don't see motherhood as a job though. It a way of life. I think I am going to finish here for today. I am not to sure yet when I am going to be posting on this topic, I am hoping that if I do it once a week that it will be a start.

I hope you all enjoy this post and let me know about your experiences of child birth.

Christina xx

Friday, 10 April 2015

Daily Life: Chickenpox

Hello there. I had plans to blog a few days ago, but my plans were put back due to Rhys getting the chickenpox Easter Sunday evening. I thought he got bit by small flies as he had been out in the sun playing easter egg hunt in the garden. By the following morning he was covered in spots. A few of them very blistered and I wasn't too sure if it was the chickenpox or not, because I couldn't remember what the chickenpox look like. I got an appointment with the doctor just in case it was something else. He told me that it was the chickenpox and gave me some lotion to cool down Rhys' skin and some antihistamine. I also kept giving him so Calpol and it has helped so much. He didn't itch as much as I thought he would. It was a nightmare to put on the lotion on him. Rhys doesn't like things to be rubed on to his skin.

Jeff had bought some Easter egg hunt treats for us all to do an Easter egg hunt at home, but even that didn't go to plan. In the morning I hard boiled some eggs and had plans to paint them with Rhys and everyone in the house. It turned out to be just me and Rhys. The paint was broken so we used some markers to colour the eggs. Rhys enjoyed it and I think that was all that mattered. I hid the eggs around the front garden and Rhys had to find them. He was so excited that he had to hide them and we had to find the eggs. This carried on untul Monday.

A few of us went out Sunday night for some karaoke. It was a good night, lots of dancing and having fun. Since then the weather has been fantastic ,Rhys and I are really enjoying it. We went to feed the swans down by the river Shannon, Rhys was trowing in the bread into the swans and shouts to them "It's ye lucky day swans" I had to laugh at him. There were other people feeding them but because it was him the swans should feel lucky. I love the way he comes out with funny things like that.

 What did you get up to during the Easter holidays? I hope you had a safe and fun Easter.

Christina xx