Friday, 10 April 2015

Daily Life: Chickenpox

Hello there. I had plans to blog a few days ago, but my plans were put back due to Rhys getting the chickenpox Easter Sunday evening. I thought he got bit by small flies as he had been out in the sun playing easter egg hunt in the garden. By the following morning he was covered in spots. A few of them very blistered and I wasn't too sure if it was the chickenpox or not, because I couldn't remember what the chickenpox look like. I got an appointment with the doctor just in case it was something else. He told me that it was the chickenpox and gave me some lotion to cool down Rhys' skin and some antihistamine. I also kept giving him so Calpol and it has helped so much. He didn't itch as much as I thought he would. It was a nightmare to put on the lotion on him. Rhys doesn't like things to be rubed on to his skin.

Jeff had bought some Easter egg hunt treats for us all to do an Easter egg hunt at home, but even that didn't go to plan. In the morning I hard boiled some eggs and had plans to paint them with Rhys and everyone in the house. It turned out to be just me and Rhys. The paint was broken so we used some markers to colour the eggs. Rhys enjoyed it and I think that was all that mattered. I hid the eggs around the front garden and Rhys had to find them. He was so excited that he had to hide them and we had to find the eggs. This carried on untul Monday.

A few of us went out Sunday night for some karaoke. It was a good night, lots of dancing and having fun. Since then the weather has been fantastic ,Rhys and I are really enjoying it. We went to feed the swans down by the river Shannon, Rhys was trowing in the bread into the swans and shouts to them "It's ye lucky day swans" I had to laugh at him. There were other people feeding them but because it was him the swans should feel lucky. I love the way he comes out with funny things like that.

 What did you get up to during the Easter holidays? I hope you had a safe and fun Easter.

Christina xx


  1. Poor Rhys!! Hope all is well now :)

    1. Skaves K He is nearly recovered! He is glad to be going back to playgroup tomorrow. Thanks you x