Saturday, 28 June 2014

Monthly Favourites

Hello my lovely beauties! Today I come to you with a monthly favourite! Something that I haven't done in very long time. These are the products that I have been using all months. 

Starting with the sun screen. As we having been getting lovely heat wave it's very important to wear some block. This one from Nivea 50+. As you can see this one is for babies but if you are very fair and you have sensitive skin this is a great one to use. I use it on Rhys all the time. I use it on myself too. I burned my hand when I was a child and now I have to take extra care of it in the sun, and it does a great job. 

With the nice sun I have got a fine colour on my face and went I was out I didn't want to be wearing heavy foundation so a BB cream I would reach the most. This BB cream I got for €1.50 it's light and it does the job. I am not a huge fan of BB creams so this one is just fine for me.

For he lips I use this Nivea lip butter. I would always have a tin like this of Vaseline but this little guy has changed my mind and I will never go back again. I absolutely love how this lip butter makes my lips feel. I hate having chappy lips. It's awful. What I like to do is to put this on before I go to bed and in the morning I have smooth lips a baby's bottom would compare. LOL!! 

On to the eyes. I don't have much time to get ready so I like to just put on something very quick and leaved or town. This quad is always my best friend. The shades are fantastic and you won't be looking over the top. This quad is called 945 Midtown Mauve. It's created for brown eyes I don't have brown eyes but I was looking at the one for green eyes and there is only one shade that is different to what I have. I live NYC quads they are great quality and very affordable too. 

Staying with the eyes. Very much new Rimmel scandaleyes gel liner in Emerald from the Kate Moss collection is my favourite so far. I love the Emerald colour and its a nice change from the black. 

Into the face. This blush from Collection is called Bashfull and its a light pink shade very pigmented and a fab blush for other skin tones. Cheap but great product. 

Staying with the face. As I was using the BB cream I felt that I was very oily and yet I have very dry skin so to reduce that oily shine I used my Avon pressed powder in light medium. This powder is from the ideal flawless collection. I really don't know if Avon sell them any more. As Avon has left Ireland. As I said I have dry skin and I really don't use this or any powder but when I have to use it, it does the job. 

And last but not least a nail polish that I have used so many times during the month. It's from NYC and its called Disco Inferno. I love how this just brings up any colour of polish. All you need it one coat. 

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites. What is your favourites?

Christina xx 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Electric Purple and Pizzaz Purple

Hello my beautiful reader! 

This is a look that I came up with from the MUA Poptastic palette. 

In this look I used the two puplrs I the palette. From this picture is doesn't looks like the two shades but it looks much better in real life. This is the steps that took to achieve this look! 

For the base: as my face has got a natural tan and I didn't want from that I used a very sheer BB cream. 

With some powder to take way any shine. No I didn't use any bronzer as I didn't really need it. I believe that if you have it naturally why put loads of products. 

This picture looks like more of a blue shade but its the Electric Purple. I patted this shade all over my lid with a flat brush. It's a fabulous shade. 

For the outter corner of my eye I used Pizzaz Purple. This is a lighted shade and its also fab! Pizzaz Purple is a sheer shade of purple. 

I think this look is just fab and I live how it turned out. For my lips I used a pink lip liner I do t k ow the name of it because I got it in a palette ages ago. 

I hope you understood what I was explaining. Still new to all of this! 

Hope you all liked the look! 

Christina xx 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Daily Life: Hat of the day!

Hi all. I hope you all had a nice weekend! I don't know what to start with. It was a quite weekend. Sunday I went to a show bands thing I don't even know what was the name of it. There was music from the show bands era and a huge dance floor.  

I really didn't think it was going to be much but I really enjoyed it. The music is really not my style. Rhys enjoyed it too. He was dancing away to all the music. 

There was a good crowed at it and it seemed like they all enjoyed it. Apart from all the music there was sweet stand, ice cream stalls and vintage clothes. The clothes didnt apple to me as I am a modern fashion kinda girl. 

It was a fab day the sun was so hot and u think that really added to the day. I had forgotten Rhys hat and this is the ht that we got him. 

Rhys my friend Christina and I went to supermacs for some to eat. This is where this picture was taken. I love this hat on Rhys and he is mad about it too. He didnt take it off since I bought it for him. 

By the way this is Christina she is my best friend in the world. I love her. <3 she is like my twin that I never had! I think that Rhys hat really suits her too. I had to try it out too. 

What do you think of it on me? I don't like it.  Well I hope you enjoyed this post I know it might be a but odd but that's just me. 

Christina xx

Saturday, 21 June 2014

MUA Poptastic Palette First Impression and Comparison

Hey all I had tuck a small break. Summer had arrived in Ireland and when the sun comes out you have to take it all in as the rain my come the following day. 

The other day I was in Supergrug and I picked up a MUA Poptastic palette. What drew me to this palette are the fab colours. As you know Rhys distroyed my other colour palette. 

The other palette that I have by MUA is the Glitter Ball and I wasn't to pushed about it. I only used two shades and even at that I didn't use it as offen as I thought I would. 

Both palette have the same packaging and is nothing exciting about it. Glitter Ball palette doesn't have names on the shadows but the Poptastic palette have named all the shadows and I really like that aspect. 

These shades are from the Glitter Ball palette . Most of them are creamy and very soft shadows the only shade that I do like is he black one. But I have other black shadows that great. 

These are from the Poptastic palette. First impressions are that I am in live with this palette. The shadows that I have tried they are all soft and easy to use. The test will be when I start using them in  a look. Which will be coming soon. Keep a look out for that. 

I hope that was helpful to you all. 

Do you have this palette? 

Thanks all for visiting!

Christina xx 


Monday, 16 June 2014

Colourful Summer Look

Happy Monday everyone. Today ill show you what summer look I came up with during the weekend. I normally don't wear this kind of makeup but it was so nice outside and the sun makes me so crazy thinhgs 

Base: Nivea cream. I love this cream I have very dry skin and this heavy cream does a great job. I also like it how it works with my foundation too. I have used so many different moisturising creams under my foundation and they all have not worked. In other words what I mean to say is that all my flaky patches would come through and it would look terrible and as girls know that is not a good look for anyone. 

As you can see I have already hit pan on this concealer and I will be getting a new one and I am thinking of doing a review too. 

I took pictures of the colors that I used but the palette is in a total state as Rhys got his little finger and distroyed a lot of the shades. From his picture you can see I uses a pink a purple and a turquoise on the bottom. 

I just picked colors that I thought would look nice. I think I didn't do too bad of a job. I really like it anyway. The palette that I used the 88 Matte color palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. This is the only palette that I have from them and I love it.  I will need to replace it though as it look awful at the moment. 

The lipstick that I uses is an Avon called Naughty and Nice. I apply it very lightly as its a bit on the dark side to be a nice nude. 

This is what it looks like when applies on the heavy side. It has a orenge under tone. The smell of the lipstick is amazing. It smells like coconuts. 

I hope you like this look. I will be coming up with some more for the summer! 

Christina xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nails of the day!

Good morning all. I just has to share my nails with you all 

I love this turned out. This beautiful green by NYC is called Cupcakes and Latte. I love how it only takes two light coats to get it opaque. 

Since I need a new top coat I put this glitter topcoat Adlai from NYC it's called Disco Inferno. I have just the one coat. I think it's really nice! 

What do you think? 

Christina xx 

Friday, 13 June 2014

OOTD: It's summer!

Good evening all. I have been in such a good mood since yesterday because the weather was so nice. It's true what they say a little sun will change your mood. Since we here in Ireland don't too much sun during the summer, we it's does come out everyone gets their shorts out as it won't last for too long. 

This year I swore that when it gets warm I will be wearing summer clothes. Yesterday was just a fab day so when I saw the sun out this morning it was out with the shorts. Lol. 

Top: NewLook I have this for about 3 years I love it and the first chance I get to wear it I do. The bow detail is just really nice and so me. 

Shorts: these are from Dunnes. They are dark navy but it looks like they are black in this picture. They are high waisted, really comfy too. I don't like shorts that are just stuck on to you. Like hot pants!! Nothing against people who wear hot pants. 

Shoes: not mine so I don't know where they were got from. I borrowed them from my boyfriend mom as we are the same shoe size. Comes in very handy I must say! 

Did you like this outfit? 

I hope you all enjoy the rest your of your day 

Christina xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Daily Life: Rhys' word of the day!

Good morning all. While I am eating some toffees for my breakfast I will tell you all the going on's in my life at the moment. One thing I am stress free as off the last week to even two. My friend has found a new house and she is much happier there, she is now sharing with two boys and it is much better to share with boys then girls.

In the last two days I have spend a lot of time on Twitter, re twittering other blogs posts. To help them out and hopefully they would do the same. as a result I got about 6 new followers. Which I am really happy about because its has been a very long time since I got any followers on twitter, one reason for that is because I wasn't using it. I thought it was hard to use I was so used to using Facebook. I much prefer Twitter now to Facebook. If you would like to follow me Twitter it would be awesome. I will follow you back if you interest me. I don't want to be saying that I will follow everyone back because I won't.

The other day I got this email from a company I have never heard of they are British and I think its Clean something or something Clean. I watched the video they send me other people that are with the company. Its basically they send you out catalogue  you have to give them out when someone has a order you give it and and get back a % like commission. I am not to sure though. I did Avon before and it didn't work out for me all that well. Have you heard of them? Please let me know as the company would like a skype call to give me more info. I would really have tot think about this one.

In other news Rhys is getting very funny in the last few days. Like last night he as half asleep but he was still talking about the playground being closed and it was in the middle of the night. He even said Please and Thanks when I gave his beaker of milk.

WORD OF THE DAY. No Problem. Just before I started tow write this Rhys wanted to go out to the back to play with our dogs, He has been a little naughty with them he pulls their tails and is starting to hit them too, so I was telling him that if he was going to be naughty with the dogs that I was going to bring him back inside and he wouldn't be allowed to play with them any more. Rhys turns around and says to me NO PROBLEM MUMMY. How cute is that. Sometimes I would love to just eat him. Love him so much.

Well I think that is all for today guys. I hope you enjoy this post don't for get to follow me on Twitter.

Christina xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Rita Ora nail polish by Rimmel Review

Hi everyone. Last week I bought myself a few new nail polishes from Rimmel. This Rita Ora collection has been out for a while now but I wasn't to pushed about it, do when I seem them on offer 3 for 2 I gave it a chance. 

1. White Hot Love
This is just a basic white nothing too over exciting about it. It takes about two to three coats to get it good colour.  I wasn't to impressed with it as it is very sticky. I like to apply think coats and I didn't like how it left gaps. 

I have to say I am really disappointed with this I have other 60 second polishes and they are not like that. 

2. Breakfast in bed 
This is a minty green I really like this shade but again it's not the best quality. After a second coat it's better but still doesn't come up as opaque as I would like it. They are cheaper and same price nail polish that are much better then these two. 

I am glad that I only got the two. It would have been a waste of money if I went and got them all. We all have to look after our money theses days. 

Did you try this collection? What do you think of it? 

Christina xx 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Some of my Favorite blog

Hi everyone. As I was in bed last night a great idea poped into my head, I should do a post on some of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading. Its not all about the blog its about the person that is writing it. I love to get to know people small things at a time. In my opinion its the best way to get to know someone. When you read someone blog all the time it feels like you know them, and I haven't got to meet any other bloggers that I read but maybe some day.  Anyway these are some blogs that I enjoy reading every new post. 

I have only fond Chelsea's blog in the last two weeks but already  I am in love. She does the best make up looks. I would love to be as talented as her. I still need a lot of practice to be honest with you. I get very lazy when I want to do full face of make up. Her reviews are very helpful too. I would give it a 8/10.

I have been reading Orla's blog for a while now. Well since I have come back full time to do blogging. I love reading her post as they are always so helpful and I always want to go and buy all the cosmetics that she has reviewed. I know this is like for most of us but OMG. Its like Christmas morning for me. The pictures she puts up are really nice. Every time I try to take picture of my products I think they look nice but once I put it up I don't like them.

There is simply no words needed for this blog. Her nail art is just amazing and I am simply awed by her designs. All of her swatches are amazing too. I would love to have all the polishes that she has, and of course to have that talent to doing such beautiful nail art. Anytime i try anything that more complicated it looks wrong.

Again. Nail Polish blog but she is just amazing too. Her swatches are just perfect. The pictures are just LUSH. She captures every single time. I love it. 

I only know Pila's blog for a little while but she does great post on beauty, makeup looks and a whole lot more. Her latest post was really inspiration about confidence.  

Last but not least. I first started watching Joliens Youtube vidoes and I loved her personality. She has so much life in her vidoes which I could never get in my videos. All of her vidoes and post are just amazing and she inspires me everyday. 

Check out all of these blogs if you already not following them. If you do follow them make sure to let them know how you found them. I hope you are all having a nice day. 

If you would like have a blog or know someone that has an amzing blog don't be shy and let me know so that I can go and check them out.

Christina xx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rimmel Kate waterproof gel eyeliner review in Emerald

Hi everyone. Today I am going to review something very exciting well to me anyway. Rimmels waterproof gel eyeliner in Emerald from the Kate Moss line. 

For the past six months or so I haven't been wearing eyeliner mainly because I can't find the eyeliner brush that I had and the fact that my other gel eyeliner that I have I could be allergic to it. As it was hurting my eyes every time I would apply it. 

 When I was in Superdrug during the week, they happened to have deals on the Rimmel stand. I always loved Rimmel.  I like the idea that a brush comes with the liner. 

When I first applied this gel liner I was in love with the colour and formula. It applies effortless. The brush that is supplied in this pack is easy to use and I much prefer it to the angle brush that I had. 

This was a short review but I will give you a better one once I use it more. 

Do you have this product? What do you think if it? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Christina xx 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Outfit of the day: All in blue

Hey guys. I hope you are all having a nice week. This is what I wore today going to town with Rhys! 

Blouse: Penny's and a sting top underneath also from Penny's. 
I love how comfy this blouse is. I am currently looking at a few more in Penny's. They have new amazing summer blouses that are bright colours. 

Jeans: Penny's. I just love Penny's. it's so cheap and the clothes are good quality too well the most of them. 

Shoes: Penny's. I need to get a new pair as I got a little bit of bleach on these you can't see it but I know it there. 

Thought I would show you my make up today, it's very simple and the lip gloss from my last post! 

What do you think of my outfit? 

Christina xx