Sunday, 8 June 2014

Some of my Favorite blog

Hi everyone. As I was in bed last night a great idea poped into my head, I should do a post on some of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading. Its not all about the blog its about the person that is writing it. I love to get to know people small things at a time. In my opinion its the best way to get to know someone. When you read someone blog all the time it feels like you know them, and I haven't got to meet any other bloggers that I read but maybe some day.  Anyway these are some blogs that I enjoy reading every new post. 

I have only fond Chelsea's blog in the last two weeks but already  I am in love. She does the best make up looks. I would love to be as talented as her. I still need a lot of practice to be honest with you. I get very lazy when I want to do full face of make up. Her reviews are very helpful too. I would give it a 8/10.

I have been reading Orla's blog for a while now. Well since I have come back full time to do blogging. I love reading her post as they are always so helpful and I always want to go and buy all the cosmetics that she has reviewed. I know this is like for most of us but OMG. Its like Christmas morning for me. The pictures she puts up are really nice. Every time I try to take picture of my products I think they look nice but once I put it up I don't like them.

There is simply no words needed for this blog. Her nail art is just amazing and I am simply awed by her designs. All of her swatches are amazing too. I would love to have all the polishes that she has, and of course to have that talent to doing such beautiful nail art. Anytime i try anything that more complicated it looks wrong.

Again. Nail Polish blog but she is just amazing too. Her swatches are just perfect. The pictures are just LUSH. She captures every single time. I love it. 

I only know Pila's blog for a little while but she does great post on beauty, makeup looks and a whole lot more. Her latest post was really inspiration about confidence.  

Last but not least. I first started watching Joliens Youtube vidoes and I loved her personality. She has so much life in her vidoes which I could never get in my videos. All of her vidoes and post are just amazing and she inspires me everyday. 

Check out all of these blogs if you already not following them. If you do follow them make sure to let them know how you found them. I hope you are all having a nice day. 

If you would like have a blog or know someone that has an amzing blog don't be shy and let me know so that I can go and check them out.

Christina xx


  1. Thank you for including me in your favorite blogs! It means a lot to me when I can influence, encourage, others and that people enjoy reading my blog in general! I'll make sure to check out these blogs you listed!

    1. you welcome Pilar. I love finding blogs that inspire me. I can give advice to my friends face to face but writing it down in an other story.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't read these ones before :)

  3. you are very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it.