Saturday, 21 June 2014

MUA Poptastic Palette First Impression and Comparison

Hey all I had tuck a small break. Summer had arrived in Ireland and when the sun comes out you have to take it all in as the rain my come the following day. 

The other day I was in Supergrug and I picked up a MUA Poptastic palette. What drew me to this palette are the fab colours. As you know Rhys distroyed my other colour palette. 

The other palette that I have by MUA is the Glitter Ball and I wasn't to pushed about it. I only used two shades and even at that I didn't use it as offen as I thought I would. 

Both palette have the same packaging and is nothing exciting about it. Glitter Ball palette doesn't have names on the shadows but the Poptastic palette have named all the shadows and I really like that aspect. 

These shades are from the Glitter Ball palette . Most of them are creamy and very soft shadows the only shade that I do like is he black one. But I have other black shadows that great. 

These are from the Poptastic palette. First impressions are that I am in live with this palette. The shadows that I have tried they are all soft and easy to use. The test will be when I start using them in  a look. Which will be coming soon. Keep a look out for that. 

I hope that was helpful to you all. 

Do you have this palette? 

Thanks all for visiting!

Christina xx 


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