Friday, 13 June 2014

OOTD: It's summer!

Good evening all. I have been in such a good mood since yesterday because the weather was so nice. It's true what they say a little sun will change your mood. Since we here in Ireland don't too much sun during the summer, we it's does come out everyone gets their shorts out as it won't last for too long. 

This year I swore that when it gets warm I will be wearing summer clothes. Yesterday was just a fab day so when I saw the sun out this morning it was out with the shorts. Lol. 

Top: NewLook I have this for about 3 years I love it and the first chance I get to wear it I do. The bow detail is just really nice and so me. 

Shorts: these are from Dunnes. They are dark navy but it looks like they are black in this picture. They are high waisted, really comfy too. I don't like shorts that are just stuck on to you. Like hot pants!! Nothing against people who wear hot pants. 

Shoes: not mine so I don't know where they were got from. I borrowed them from my boyfriend mom as we are the same shoe size. Comes in very handy I must say! 

Did you like this outfit? 

I hope you all enjoy the rest your of your day 

Christina xx


  1. Replies
    1. sandals were not mine and they killed me so much by the end of the day. thank you or the comment

  2. Cute outfit, perfect for a warm day! I love that top!