Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Favourite Red lip products and review

(L-R) 1.MUA Intense kisses unfortunately the name of this lipgloss has rubbed off and I was trying to look it up online but I can't find it! It's a rich raspberry red shade. The staying power of this lipgloss is amazing. I usually line my lips with a red lip liner first to prevent the gloss from bleeding and also to make it last longer to, and no it works perfectly. My favourite thing about this gloss is its not sticky and it applies effortlessly. 

2. Avon Crushed Rose. I have this a while and I forget what collection this came from. This shade had some sparkle but its not too intense just right I think. It's on the sheer side but with a lip liner underneath it brings up nicely. I also like to use a pink lip liner and go over with this gloss it's fab. The staying power isn't the best but I don't really mind all that much. The only bad thing about this gloss is its quite sticky. 

3. Rimmel (170) Alarm. Of my god I have this lipstick for so long that you can't even get it any more. I used never wear red lipstick before so it was in my collection for a good while before I got to it. This is a blue tones red and it's amazing. I love how it makes my teeth look whiter then they are. Staying power is ok. The only down side to this lip stick is that it bleeds a lot with or without liner. It's a soft and smooth lipstick and it doesn't dry out in my lips. 

4. Avon Red Kiss. I can't seem to find the full size of this lipstick. It's a deep raspberry shade. It's not summer shade but I still love it. It's a moist product and goes on really nice. The best thing is it doesn't bleed it has to be my favourite shade of them all. 

TIP: this is how I take off my red lip products. It annoys me that red lipstick and gloss alike leave your lips red so to prevent from this happening I take it off with a baby wipe. I would have lots of baby wipes around and it works with no problem! 

What is your favourite lip shade? 

Thank you all for stopping by! 

Christina xx 

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