Monday, 13 April 2015

Where it all began

Good morning everyone, it's Monday again. Saturday I had a great idea to start a new section on my blog, as you all know I am a mum on one three year old boy named Rhys. I thought that I would share my life as a mum. If I have tips and tricks to share with you I will do that too. I would like to start by saying that this section on of my blog isn't fact and what I write is only based on my experiences. I know I write about Rhys in my Daily Life post but this section will be all mummy related posts. To begin I am going to share with you how Rhys came into to beautiful world.

On the third of September 2011 at eight minutes to eight Rhys was born, weighing at six pounds and twelve ounces. When I heard what his weight was, I was delighted, because while I was pregnant the doctors in the maternity never stopped saying to me that the baby was under weight. At one stage  one doctor said to me that if he didn't start growing and putting on some more weight that they would give me steroids to bring him on. Within a month Rhys had gained weight in my belly and the doctors were happy enough with that. He was eleven days over due and I personally think that it helped. Around 11.45 I was induced and in an hour my waters broke. I was in slow enough labour from there on. By the time morning came I was in full swing of labour the pains very unreal. That night I was taken up to the delivery room where I received my epidural. For those of you who may be thinking of getting one, I would rather not. The doctors will tell you that you are at risk of back problems after it, there is a chance that you could be left paralysed. What the doctors don't tend to tell you is that the baby is also sedated.

I had to find that our for myself when Rhys was born and with in hours he didn't want to drink milk, he wasn't keeping him body temperature. That was all down to the epidural. Rhys was taken down o the ICU for almost five days. It was such a bad feeling, I had to leave my baby under nurses that are under staffed to look after my baby. Rhys was a hungry baby he needed to be fed every three hours, so the nurses held him out for an extra hour and he was crying for that, which I didn't know. To add to all of this one of the nurses gave him a dummy. Which are bad for his teeth and it was them that had advised me not to be given the baby dummies. I know I am just ranting now.

After being in the ICU for five days Rhys was left home. It was such a happy day for me. I was delighted to hold my baby boy in my arms. I moved into my boyfriends house (Jeff) and him mum. She was a great help she told me what to look out for and all of that. At times though I felt that she was doing more harm then helping me, like when he was teething and his temperature would go up, Jeff's mum kept on saying what could happen with a high temperature. I was more always on my toes. Being a first time mum is hard and you never know what is around the corner. I love being a mum its such a rewarding job as some people may say. I don't see motherhood as a job though. It a way of life. I think I am going to finish here for today. I am not to sure yet when I am going to be posting on this topic, I am hoping that if I do it once a week that it will be a start.

I hope you all enjoy this post and let me know about your experiences of child birth.

Christina xx

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