Thursday, 29 May 2014

Daily Life: Revenge

Hey guys. I haven't been a good blogger this past week or so. The reason being Jeff and I started watching Revenge. For the past week we have been watching six episodes a night as its so good and you just have to watch the next episode. As of last night we reached season two. There're only three seasons so far , its not to bad like. Maybe I should say what its all about for those of you that haven't seen it yet. Its about a a woman called Emily/Amanda she is getting revenge on the people that falsely framed her father for bringing down a plane and killing everyone on it. The people she is taken revenge on are all filthy rich and she is simply taking there money and the life that they had away from them. I won't tell too much as I don't want to spoil it for you if you would like to watch it.

What I love about it: 
The whole revenge thing is totally me. the casting is amazing. My favorite character would have to be Nolan Ross.  I know you I bet you were expecting me to say Emily, but no I do love her too but Nolan is just funny and I love the house he has in the first season. All the tech that Nolan has is is amazing and I would love to have the money that he has.

I was just looking for a nice picture from Google to put up with this post but I don't really like any of them. If it was a simple one I would put it up. I know this is a short post but I don't want to spoil for those who haven't seen it yet. If you haven't do, its so good and I am addicted.

What do you think of Revenge? Would you watch it?

Christina xx

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Daily Life (So many bullies in this world!)

Hey guys. I have some few days. Last Saturday I had a christening and we had a party after. Rhys being Rhys was all excited having children to play with. with all the running around he fell a few time  and he was up again in a flash and it was all forgotten about. Shortly after that he had to fall again and graze his forehead. It was a nasty business. With in a half an hour he got a slap of a hurley again in the forehead. I could believe his luck all day. I had to leave the party early as I couldn't stay around thinking that the next time he fell it would be much more serious. I don't get much sleep that night as I was thinking about how Rhys fell. Its not a nice to have to watch your child crying with pain and there is nothing you can do to help them.

In the mean time my best friend has been having problems with her house and her house mates they are not the nicest people one you would meet. I was trying to keep calm for my friend sake as I don't like to see my friend hurt. She is moving out in the next week to two and I will much happier that she will be happy. I can't understand how girls can be so bitchy and don't care how the other person feels. They are so many bullies in this world its not even funny.

In a happier not I am looking for a new home to move it. There is going to construction going on near where I live so I want to move so that I can enjoy my summer. I don't know were to move to yet but I am looking into it. I would like a place with a back yard so that Rhys would have somewhere to play. At the moment we had two dogs and they eat everything and I can't put out swings or a slide. He loves going to the park as all kids do. The park are very rough sometimes, you have to go in the morning while all the big kids area at school and there are only babies in the park.

I think that's all for today guys. I hope you enjoy this post.

What have you been up to in the last week?

Christina xx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Yesterday's outfit of the day

Hey guys. I had a christening yesterday and this is what I wore. Now I don't have pics of me wearing the close as I was rushing to get to the church. 

The top is from penny's I got it in sale for €5. I can never pass a bargain. 

This is the back of the top. It's just fab and its like my favourite top for the summer. 

My skirt is from NewLook and u think it was something like €12. It's a high waisted shirt and I love it

 My shoes are from penny's too. These shoes sparkle in the sun that's why I chose them. 

What do you think of this outfit? 

Christina xx 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rendezvous with you

Hi guys. The other day I was in Sally's beauty supplies. I love going in and having a look at all he nail polishes. There are some that I can't get as they are a bit to expensive for my pay range. 

Rendezvous with you by China Glaze! 

This picture doesn't do it much favours in real life it's fab. 

As much as I love nail polishes I don't really follow collections. When I got this one I knew it was from a collection as it was on reduction and the original collection is never on reduction. Anyway when I got home I looked up which collection this was from and it's from the autumn collection. There was a few more that I might go back and get. 

I love that all you need is one coat and it just looks fab. It's my second time wearing this nail polish. I know it's not a summer shade but I still love it. 

What is your favourite shade by China Glaze?

Christina xx 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Daily Life: Rhys shouting ONE POUND!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend and going to have a great weekend. Last night I redone my blog the template if you have noticed. I think that it looks pretty cool. I love stars. There was a green one with shamrocks and it was really me too the fact that I am Irish and all. When I started to play around with it I did't really like it, it was too green for me. My next mission is going to be looking up on how to do all the short cuts to my social networks. I am on everything some of them I don't really use, like Beautylish I think that's what it is called. I am getting used to Tumblr. I do have a personal Facebook account and a fan one but i don't have many people following that page as I don't really spend the time on that page.

I am currently looking for a better phone that I have and I seen one for €80 its an IPhone 3S. I know what your thinking that its old and blah blah, its much better then what I have right now. I like the fact that is 16 GB. I am using my IPod and that is only 8GB and its no good to me. It goes dead half the time and the memory is nearly go in it.

In other news Rhys got a Peppa Pig magazine and with it came a page that you can cut out and play with. So I went off and cut all the pictures out for me thinking that he will play with them. All Rhys was interested in doing was telling me 'One Pound' it wasn't even telling me it was more like shouting 'One Pound'. I had to laugh. I don't know it it odd for him to be into Peppa Pig or not. All the toys of Peppa Pig in the store are pink and for girls. I have never seen a boy with a Peppa toy.

Coming up: In the next few days I will do a post on my current nails. I bought a new polish and I know it is a old collection but I really liked the shade and I don't have anything like it. I love nail polish but if i already have similar shade I am more likely to get something else. I don't have a huge place to store my nail polishes in all I have is a shoe box at the moment and all my polishes fit into that.

I don't think i have much more for you guys today. A little boring but sure you might get to know me better this way. Well I hope so anyway.

Christina xx

Monday, 12 May 2014

Nails of the day

Hi everyone I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Last Friday I did my nails and I have to say it wasn't as bad as it could be. I did the hearts free hands that's why they are not the same shape or size. 

I know I smudged one nail, the polish didn't dry.  The yellow polish is NYC Lexington Yellow. I have been looking for a nice yellow polish that would suite my skin tone. 

This yellow needs at least three thin coats or two slightly thicker coats. 

The wine stripers is from the Rio metallic   collection. I didn't use those stripers and pen all in one. As I didn't know how to use them right. 

I hope you like my nail art! 

Have you any suggestions for me for the next nail art to try. 

Christina xx

Friday, 9 May 2014

Review: Wet n Wild Spoiled Brat trio

Hello my lovely readers! Today I gave a review for you. I know this isn't a new product but for me it is. 

I got this about 2/3 months ago, I didn't have any reason to use it do it was just sitting in my collection. The reason I purchased this trio over 'Walking On Egg Shells' was over the pink shade and the silver. I have heard so much about Walking On Egg Shells that it felt like I already had it. 

This trio just drew my attention and I had to have it. This is my first time doing a look with this palette. This is what I came up with 

I used the pink on the lid. 
Pink: this shade is amazing and I love how pigmented it really is. I wasn't expecting it to be. 

I used black on the outter comer of my eye. 
Black: I have to say this has to be the most pigmented black I have ever come across. It's even better then 'Creep' in my Naked palette. A little but would go a long way with this black. 

I used the silver in my inner eye. To highlight my eye and make it appear to be wider. 
Silver: This shade is like the other two very pigmented and excellent. 

I didn't find that the shadows were anyway flaky or what there was much fall out from them. I would recommend this trio to my friends. I will be purchasing other products from Wet n Wild. 

I used two lipsticks with this look so that you could see what it was like. I like them both. The red is a lip liner by Barry M and Alarm lipstick by Rimmel

This pink lipstick is from Avon it's called 
 Pink Holiday. I have both lipsticks quite a while so I don't know if you could purchase them any more. 

Thank you all for taken the time to read my blog. It means so much to me. 

Christina xx

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Daily Life

Hey everyone. Today has been a very long one. I have to say. The fact that it rained all day long and you couldn't go outside and play with Rhys just added to the length of the day.

Rhys was having one of his days were is is bold for the day and don't wasn't want to give up his moodiness. I was trying to put him to bed during the afternoon so that he would be in better mood for the everning but as you know he didn't want to go for any rest. By the way he is totally fast asleep now after a really long day of acting the fool and just being him. he really tired himself out today.

Did I tell you that I am learning for the Theory Test. I really want to drive and the sooner I get on the road the better for me and Rhys. He loves cars and it would be nice to go for a drive with him. I hate getting the bus to town or getting to bus to go to my parents. Its like an hour journey while if I had a car it would only be a 40 minute drive. Getting a taxi after shopping is such a messy job. So I am hoping that I will get that done by the end of the year. This is my goal. I am 24 you would think I will be an experienced driver at this stage. All my friends are driving and they say that once you have a car its like your free. You can go anywhere you like, you don't have to wait around for anyone to pick you up or wait for bus timetables.

Yesterday I was all day at my PC trying to make a page on this blog and I tell you what it was a heart break. I had a huge pain in my head. I was following step by step instuction on a YouTube videos and it wasn't working for me. I had to leave it and come back to it. So when I did it worked after doing about 10 times again. It was so simple which I knew it had to be but I just didn't know what I was doing wrong. But I finally figured it out. When you put your link with your label to the page that you want to create it already had a 'https' in the box. I didn't realise that I needed to wipe that off. When I did it all worked for me. Thank God.

I am going to see my friend during the weekend so Ill update you on that during or after the weekend. She also has a blog but its quite different from mine. I'll ask her first if she wants to I'll link her blog with mien and you like her blog you should go and follow.

Anyway that's all for this post. I'll keep you updated with my life.

Christina xx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fashion (Rhys' Outfit)

Rhys's outfit of the day!

Hi everyone.I did't know what kind of post to make today as I have been working on my blog all day and trying to get pages sorted but nothing seems to work. I have looked up on YouTube on how to make pages but I am doing something wrong as I can't seem to get it working. 

Anyway so I thought it would be different to make a post on Rhys' outfit that I had on him going to town. 

I have them clothes for a while so I can't remember really where we got them. 

The shoes are from Next tho. They did come in a blue version but I liked the beige once. 

Sorry this post is supper short. I hope you liked and don't forget to leave me comments on your thoughts of his outfit!

Christina xx

Monday, 5 May 2014

Nails of the day!

It has been ages since I did any kind of nail art. I know you may say that's not really arty but I am staring at the start and u have to practice the sits and lines first. 

I have to say that I am getting much better at the dots ye lines I  getting there. 

I love how this turned out. The light pink is from Avon called: pastel pink and the darker pink is by NYC it's called: Faithful Fuchsia. This has to he the best nails that I have done so far. 

I love doing my nails the only thing I don't like is waiting for the polish to dry! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Christina xx 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New Page on Blog. Check it out.

I hope you all are having a a good weekend. So as I was browsing today over other blogs I noticed that other blogs has pages and  they wrote about different things on so I thought why now. I am going to try too. I am hoping to be attracting other readers to my blog that maybe don't wont to be reading about make up or outfits of the day.

This page is called Daily Life. I am going to write about my daily life. Not everyday I don't want to bore you either. As you all know I am a mum and I would love to share my experience being a mum with you of you.  Being a mum is not easy everyday has its challenges but I get through them. I know that their is lots more women out there that have it much harder life them I do, but it would be nice to share. If your a mum and you would like to give me some ideas on anything don't be shy. I am an open minded person and it would be nice to talk to other mums that know what they are talking about.

I have spoken to some people and they give me advice and how to rare children and they don't have a child of their own. I am not going to write a huge post about this. I have the first post published on the Daily Life page.

If you have any suggestions on any blogs posts that you would like to see please don't be shy.

Christina xx

Saturday, 3 May 2014


Happy Saturday everyone. Hope your all having a nice weekend. Yesterday I had a birthday in fact all of May is full of birthdays. It wasn't a big deal we just all went to town and had a meal.

Anyway to the good stuff. This is what I wore! 

My jumper is from Penny's. I love this jumper is amazing. Really comfy too. I did have a sting top under the jumper a red one to bring out the lips. 

I wear jeans all the time. I am not a huge dress fan. These jeans I think came from Tesco. 

I bought these shoes in Penny's. They are the first pair of shoes in that type that I ever wore. The first day that I wore them they didn't seem to be very comfy but I live them now. 

My matching chain and earrings are Newbridge Silver. I thought it would look nice with the red lips 

My make up was very unoriginal but I like the soft look. It was something quick I came up with. Start using my Naked palette again. I used the first 4 shades in the palette. 

I hope you all enjoy this post. 

Thanks all for visiting!! 

Christina xx

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hey everyone. Today I am going to tell you why I haven't uploaded a video to YouTube in so long. 

Well it's like this, my laptop is simply dead. I can't charge my laptop, it won't even turn on. This was coming for a whole but I didn't think that it would happen so fast. I don't have the money to get a new one. My boyfriend had a PC but he does videos too and it's not so easy to do both if our videos on one PC. 

I still have my IPod to make my videos on but that's not good enough as I need a laptop to edit my videos. 

I really miss making videos for all of you. Since I having uploaded anything I really didn't watch any videos. In a way I miss my favourite beauty gurus like JulieG and Beauty Broadcast. I will have to start again. 

I didn't really buy much make up either. I really need to start again and make myself feel better. 

I hope you enjoy reading my post. If you would like to read about anything specific please let me know. 

Christina xx