Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rendezvous with you

Hi guys. The other day I was in Sally's beauty supplies. I love going in and having a look at all he nail polishes. There are some that I can't get as they are a bit to expensive for my pay range. 

Rendezvous with you by China Glaze! 

This picture doesn't do it much favours in real life it's fab. 

As much as I love nail polishes I don't really follow collections. When I got this one I knew it was from a collection as it was on reduction and the original collection is never on reduction. Anyway when I got home I looked up which collection this was from and it's from the autumn collection. There was a few more that I might go back and get. 

I love that all you need is one coat and it just looks fab. It's my second time wearing this nail polish. I know it's not a summer shade but I still love it. 

What is your favourite shade by China Glaze?

Christina xx 

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