Thursday, 15 May 2014

Daily Life: Rhys shouting ONE POUND!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend and going to have a great weekend. Last night I redone my blog the template if you have noticed. I think that it looks pretty cool. I love stars. There was a green one with shamrocks and it was really me too the fact that I am Irish and all. When I started to play around with it I did't really like it, it was too green for me. My next mission is going to be looking up on how to do all the short cuts to my social networks. I am on everything some of them I don't really use, like Beautylish I think that's what it is called. I am getting used to Tumblr. I do have a personal Facebook account and a fan one but i don't have many people following that page as I don't really spend the time on that page.

I am currently looking for a better phone that I have and I seen one for €80 its an IPhone 3S. I know what your thinking that its old and blah blah, its much better then what I have right now. I like the fact that is 16 GB. I am using my IPod and that is only 8GB and its no good to me. It goes dead half the time and the memory is nearly go in it.

In other news Rhys got a Peppa Pig magazine and with it came a page that you can cut out and play with. So I went off and cut all the pictures out for me thinking that he will play with them. All Rhys was interested in doing was telling me 'One Pound' it wasn't even telling me it was more like shouting 'One Pound'. I had to laugh. I don't know it it odd for him to be into Peppa Pig or not. All the toys of Peppa Pig in the store are pink and for girls. I have never seen a boy with a Peppa toy.

Coming up: In the next few days I will do a post on my current nails. I bought a new polish and I know it is a old collection but I really liked the shade and I don't have anything like it. I love nail polish but if i already have similar shade I am more likely to get something else. I don't have a huge place to store my nail polishes in all I have is a shoe box at the moment and all my polishes fit into that.

I don't think i have much more for you guys today. A little boring but sure you might get to know me better this way. Well I hope so anyway.

Christina xx

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