About Me

Hi my name is Christina. I am in my twenties and I love make up since I was young. I think that was the only girly thing that I had an interest in. I a tomboy really. You would never see me in a dress I even picked a school to go to where they didn't have skirts for their uniforms. I know its mad but that was me.

When i turned about 17/18 I started going you making new friends and I got a little bit fashionable you could say. As they years went on and I started making my own money I loved shopping. Its only now that I am getting into clothes that I girl should really. You see I lived on a farm and I didn't get a chance to wear all my lovely clothes that I was buying so I stopped buying clothes (fancy once).

A few years ago I moved to the city and oh boy were thing different here. I really stuck out like a sore thumb. Lately I am going out in town and I actually look like I am from the city. This might sound silly to you but I don't like to stick out from the crowed all that much.

As you may or may not know I have a son who is a cheeky toddler. He is my apple of my eye in every sense of the word. He is cheeky but you got have some of that. His name is Rhys. I don't know what else to say about me really? I hope you all get to know me better in other posts.

Christina xx

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