Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bare Necessity

Good Morning all!

Happy Tuesday!

  Today I am going to share my Nails with you today. I was feeling a NUDE shade but which one have a chosen?

And the winner is......Bare Necessity by P.S Love from Primark ( Pennys). I absolutely love this shade! This shade is a dusty nude. 

The formula is Ok for the price (1.50) in saying that I am almost sure that its not sold any more in Primark (Pennys ) any more. As I purchased it over a year ago. 

Two light coats gives a good opaque result. The only thing it chips very fast no matter what top coat I put on top. :) But then again I only paid €1.50 for it. 

With Flash

Without Flash

I love this shade and if you know any other brand that does this kind of shade I would love to know about it.! 

Thanks again for reading my little blog. I really appreciate each one of you!   

Christina xox

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