Friday, 30 September 2016

Knitted Jumpers are Back

Hey guys.

During the week I was in Primark/Pennys and I noticed that all the knitted jumpers that are available again. Last year I had bought a purple knitted jumper with a sheep on it and I loved it. Jeff did laugh at it every time I wore it, I rocked it for so long that the wool is getting very tattered looking. I knew that I had to dump it. It wasn't the softest knitted jumper that I ever bought, I did love the sheep on it. I was having a look at the knitted jumpers in Primark and they seem very simple to make yourself, with the colours you like. The colours that Primak have out at the moment I am not too fond of.

You may know this already from last year that I started knitting as a hobby about a year and a half ago. My mum showed me and my sisters how to knit years ago but non of us picked it up for too long, as school and general life got in the way.

Last year I made myself a Raglan Cardigan. I loved it not it didn't come out like it was meant to be, but that is because I didn't do a swatch gauge, which at the time was something new to me and I wasn't too sure of how to do that. Its a very simple project to make if you are starting off, I know on the pattern download it states that its an intermediate level, but I would put it to a level 2 simple. I did have to concentrate on what I was doing at the time, but I did finished it and I felt so good.

My mother in-law pointed out that this kind of pattern would be nice made on a jumper, and that is my challenge to make a Raglan jumper from this type of pattern. I was a little confused at the start. Here is how I started this jumper.

1. I started knitting in the round so that it would knit up much faster. This part was the most simplest of it all.
2. Then I needed to place my stitch markers so that I would make my increases in the correct place every time. That wasn't too bad either, as I knew what I was doing from the Cardigan.
3. The biggest dilemma that I came across was how I am going to knit in the round and to increase one round and skip the next, that kinda baffled me for a day. When I sat down and thought about it, I would have to do a round where I did the increases and the next round I would just have to knit normally. I tried it and it worked out.

The only thing that I didn't do is make a border, so it looks like the top of my jumper is going to curl a bit. I will take that as a teaching lesson from my own mistakes. I was thinking of starting all over again, but when I looked on how far I have knitted, I really didn't want to start all over again. I do have to get longer needles because the ones that I am using at the moment are 5mm, circular in 16 inches, I will need the 32 inches circular.

I will keep you informed when I have finished this project and show you all how it turned out.

I love knitting it keeps me occupied for a little while. What is your hobby, let me know down in the comments below. :)

Christina xx

Thursday, 29 September 2016

NOTD: Makeup Gallery time to shine, Lavender Cream

Hey guys,

During the week I had posted a review on the Poundland/Dealz Makeup Gallery cosmetics that I had bought, with those products I also picked up some nail polishes. Poundland/Dealz have a good enough nail polish line. The shade range is good, you have some glitters toppers, some glitter with colour, and just normal colours. 

This one that I have on today is called Lavender Cream. When I seen this shade I knew I had to have it. Its a shade that I was after but just couldn't find it. Its a cool tones lavender shade. I do have a shade that is a much warmer then this one. It is such an end of summer, start of fall shade. 

The price of this baby is only €1.50. The amazing colour pay off that it gives you is just as good as an expensive polish. Its a quick drying formula and is very opaque in two light coats. Its not streaky in anyway. It applies like a dream. I love it so much that I will be purchasing more of these polishes. 

Have you tried any of the Poundland Makeup Gallery range? Let me know down in the comments below. 

Christina xx

Monday, 26 September 2016

REVIEW: Poundlands Makeup Gallary Makeup line

Hi everyone. A while back I purchased make up products from Dealz better known as Poundland over in the UK. Dealz/ Poundland is your cheap store where everything is €1.50/£1.00. I was kinda curious about the make up but at the same time didn't want to buy it because I didn't know what it would do to my skin. Even though I can wear almost anything and I will be ok, at the same time I am always cautions of cheap make up.

One day I decided that I would put my fears aside and try this make up and see what happens because if you don't try you will never know. The next products that I will review for you today as just some of the products that I purchased. I got a few more which are still in the testing process.

The first thing that I reached for was the foundation. don't ask me why because the foundation is always the last. The shade that I picked up is Ivory. Which I liked because as you know I always reach for that shade.

When I first tried in on I loved it because it matched my complexion to the 'T' so I thought. I did notice that it was a little grainy to the texture. Once it was blended in it looked very nice. A couple of hours later I noticed that it went very patchy and my dry spots very noticeable. Which didn't settle with me. I tried it with a primer, moisturiser and on a bare face and it everytime I got the same result. In saying that I will not be repurchasing the foundation again.

The three eyeshadows that I picked up are as follows. 
Nude (2) Cappuccino (9) Brown Truffle (10)
I can't say enough good things about these shadows. All of these beautiful shades are supper pigmented they are supper easy to blend. I really can't say anything bad about these shadows. I love they so much and for the price you just can't go wrong. 

I know these swatches aren't the best as my hand is on the dark side over the summer. These shadows are the best for an everyday eye look. 

The last thing that I am going to talk about it the lip glosses and lip sticks. I have good news and bad, so I think I am going to start with the bad and that is the lip glosses. I purchased two and I only could find one on the day I was swatching for this post. These lip glosses are not the best they are pigmented but very sticky when I applied them to my lips. I could really tell tell that they were cheap glosses. On the good side the lip sticks are amazing. They pay off I got was unreal, as you can see from the swatch they are super pigmented. Super moisturizing on the lips. I love they both. Sorry guys I can't remember the name of them from the top of my head. I will be posting pictures of these babies on Instagram where I will have the names of them on there. 

I hope you understood this post. If you have tried any of these let me know what you think about them. I would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Christina xx

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Fashion: New Shoes

Hey guys.
So a while ago I uploaded a Wish Haul on YouTube and last week my fist ever shoes came from I have been waiting for these for about 19 days.  These black suede platform heels with a bow in front are the perfect pair of shoes I now owe. They cost me €25 including PP.

They are so light in weight and because of that they are very comfy too. I wore them Friday night and it felt like I had no shoes on at all. It was just heaven. They didn't cut my heels, or my toes. Every shoe that I purchase I have trouble with because (not to be gross) I have huge big toes, they always hurt me when I get new shoes. These shoes are rounded on the top and fit perfect. I picked up the side 39 which is a 6 here in Ireland. I am delighted that these shoes fit because lately I have to purchase size 5 (38) lately.

The only one thing that was disappointing about these shoes were that the bow was a little bend back while they were in the packaging.

I am over the moon with these shoes. I don't know will I buy more though. As I was a little scared buying these. These are dressy shoes and you can wear them with a casual outfit too. I think I will have to do some look with these shoes.

Q. Have you ever buy shoes from Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for stopping by Christina xx

Friday, 9 September 2016

My latest Obsession.

Hey guys.

As always I haven't blogged in a while, life has been a little stressful. I am not going to go into much detail for the time being on what has been happening as I am thinking of making some videos about it or even writing a blog post about it. Lets just get into what I have been up to lately, and it planning my daily life.

So about three weeks ago or so, I watched a plan with me video on YouTube. At first I was thinking this was so pointless, like why would anyone watch someone else planning their week. When I started watching those videos I was hooked. Its is more the creative side of it more then the actual planning of the week that I was more interested in. All those stickers got me so excited.

The next day I went online to see if I could get myself an Erin Condren Life Planner. I got such a shock to find out the price of these planners, its one thing to spend over €50 on a planner but then you have postage and packaging in an other €30 to €40 on top of that. That I wasn't really impressed about. To be honest I really didn't want to spend that much of money on something that I wasn't sure if I would keep doing it. So I went to my local Dealz or Poundland as its known in the UK, and purchased myself an academic planner. Its nothing fancy but for €1.50 it will do me just fine. As I am still trying to figure all this planning stuff out.

I am trying to see what works for me in this planner, if I am still planning by the end of the year, I think I will purchase the Erin Condren or a Happy Planner for myself. That will be my Birthday present for the new year. So far I think I am not doing too bad.

I have bought some stickers on Etsy. Some of the stickers are very expensive to be honest with the Postage included, but I have found a few shops that don't have over priced postage. I like supporting shops on Etsy, I am thinking that I am giving back to the community. One day I would like to open shop myself. I have a name picked for my shop, its just to get myself sorted and purchase a printed first and hopefully in time to buy a Silhouette. Some of the other purchases that I have made for this planner are washi tape. I love the way it is so easy to use, and makes your planner look fabulous.

My phone is not working properly for the past few weeks and I can't seem to import my pictures on my laptop, as a result I can't show you any pictures of my little planner pages. So until I have it all sorted if you would like to see my pictures of this planner that I have please follow me on Instagram, my username is Christina_Curtin I would be more then delighted to see you, Please say HI to me if you do come over from this post. I will have all my links linked at the end of this post for easy access.

Thanks everyone for stopping and reading this blog, it really means a lot to me. Talk soon

Christina xx