Monday, 30 November 2015

Spending the day with Rhys and my sister - Life As A Mum

Good morning everyone. It's a cold and stormy morning here in Ireland today. What is it like where you are?

As you know I have got emplyoment since Setpember and I have been so happy about that. It's full-time position, so that means I am away from Rhys for over 40 hours a week. The reason I say more is because I have to travel to my work. Its not that far just the other side of the city but because I don't drive I have to take the bus. It's a pain in the butt but it has to be done. I leave the house around half eight in the morning drop Rhys of to school and go get two buses into work. The second bus that I take dosn't take me near my work so I have walk for about 20 minutes or so. I don't mind the walk its the rain that I hate. 

Since I started working Rhys is spending even more time with his dad, he loves his dad and I felt a little left out for a week or two because it was all about his dad. One time he was all about me. I guess change is always good. On my days off I take him out with me for the day. To spend some precious time with him. Rhys is going up so fast and the days are just running away with me. 

As the weather was so bad for the past two weeks I have taken him to the shopping center, and I havent been there is ages. It was a nice change for the town. I love the shopping center but I hate those kids rides. They are two euro ago and they don't go for very long, and don't get me wrong I am not stingy with money but the rides are a minute or less. Its hard to say no to Rhys sometimes but these are the times that I have to put my foot down. I gave him four euro and he go on two rides. To my suprise he was quite happy with that. 

My sister came to see us last Sunday and again the weather wasn't very nice to we went to the shopping center again. Rhys loves his aunt Katie. Katie gets a great laught with him. He really does know how to push her buttons. Sitting back and watching Rhys annoy Katie is very amusing to say the least. We had a lovely lunch and a good catch up. I love my sister she is the best and has a great heart, 

I think thats all for today guys. I hope ye like these posts because I love writing them for you all and sharing my life with ye. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and comment on them. Don't forget I follow my blog so that you don't miss a new post. 

Christina xx

Saturday, 28 November 2015

First Impressions! Maybelline Satin Liquid Foundation

Hi guys,

So about a week ago I went to the shopping centre with Rhys and I needed to pick up a few gifts. That didn't happen as I really didn't plan on what I would get for anybody. While I was in Shaws looking around I remembred that I needed a foundation. I went on hunt for a good foundation. I wanted a change Rimmel as I have been using the same foundation for years without change. The foundation that I picked up was the Maybelline Satin Liquid Foundation in the shade 10 Ivory.

I have never tried any of the Maybelline line before and I was excited to try this product for the fist time. It went on very smoothly and evenly. The shade is just right for my skin tone. I was really impressed with the coverage that it provided. I have a few red area problems and it coved it all. I didn't use any concealer on top as I wanted to know how much I can get away with.

I wore it for over ten hours, and I have to say I was really impressed with it. The most of my face looked pretty good. The parts around my nose and mouth the foundation wore off, but that happens all the time so I am quite use to that. I didn't mind it at all. I would defenatly recomment this foundation to a friend as I think its a must try at least.

If you would like to see this First Impressions in a video please check it out here I had so much fun making this video and I will be making more of these. Please don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and to this blog.

Thank you all for stopping by and let me know what you think of the video down in the comments.

Christina xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Hi everyone. Hope you are having a good week. Today I am going to share with you that I have made a new vidoe on YouTube I haven't made a video in over two years. I have always thought about starting up again, but I didn't have the resources to do so.

I was talking to my friend and he has told me that he know people doing YouTube and they use thier phones to record and edit. That gave me an idea to get back to my YouTube. I got a new phone and the camera is very good. I played around with it for a few days and I was very happy how it looked. My next step was to find a good editing app that would be perfect for editing my videos, and it would look professioal. I have found an app its called KineMaster. I still have to get to know what it can really do. I have recorded a short video and it turned out pretty good. I was happy with it, but it was a very simple video.

These are the plans that I am currentlymaking for my channel.

  • I am going to make vlogs i.e vlogmas
  • Nail art 
  • Reviews
  • First Impressions
More of the things that I didn't do two years ago. While I am recording and editing on my phone I am going to be saving up for a computer or a laptop so that I would be able to do much more.

As you may know I have found employment and I am working five days a week. The plan is to record on my days off edit in the everning and upload during the week. I really can't say what days I am going to upload as I still have to figure everything out.

If you have any questions please don't be shy and ask me.

Here is my new video check it out, and let me know what you think.

Thank you all for reading my blog and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and to this blog.

Christina xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What's coming up

Hi everyone.

Its been so long since I posted but life again has took over. Last week I got a new phone which is up to date and I will be able to blog of it and maybe even make videos for YouTube. I have so much planned for the future and I am hoping that it will all work out for me.

Nearly two months ago I got employment and I am so happy about that. I am working in a coffee shop. This coffer shop is very popular because the coffee is cheap but very good quality. Everyone loves out coffee. We also serve hot and cold food. I never knew that a coffee shop could be so busy for lunch time. Everyone that I am working with is so nice and I am so happy to be working there. I totally believe that  'what is for you, won't pass you by' and I believe that this was for me. I am learning how to make coffees, no two days are the same.

One of the guys that I am working with had told me that dome people make YouTube videos and edit them on their phone. That gave me an idea. I have currently downloaded a few editing apps but I am not sure if I like them. I will have to play around with them and see how I get on. If you know of good editing app do let me know. I would love to restart my YouTube again. I miss it so much. I have to buy new products to get me going. I will keep you all up update on that on my twitter. Crazy_Chrissie . I think I will leave it here for the time being. Thank

Christina xx