Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Daily Life: Rhys' word of the day!

Good morning all. While I am eating some toffees for my breakfast I will tell you all the going on's in my life at the moment. One thing I am stress free as off the last week to even two. My friend has found a new house and she is much happier there, she is now sharing with two boys and it is much better to share with boys then girls.

In the last two days I have spend a lot of time on Twitter, re twittering other blogs posts. To help them out and hopefully they would do the same. as a result I got about 6 new followers. Which I am really happy about because its has been a very long time since I got any followers on twitter, one reason for that is because I wasn't using it. I thought it was hard to use I was so used to using Facebook. I much prefer Twitter now to Facebook. If you would like to follow me Twitter it would be awesome. I will follow you back if you interest me. I don't want to be saying that I will follow everyone back because I won't.

The other day I got this email from a company I have never heard of they are British and I think its Clean something or something Clean. I watched the video they send me other people that are with the company. Its basically they send you out catalogue  you have to give them out when someone has a order you give it and and get back a % like commission. I am not to sure though. I did Avon before and it didn't work out for me all that well. Have you heard of them? Please let me know as the company would like a skype call to give me more info. I would really have tot think about this one.

In other news Rhys is getting very funny in the last few days. Like last night he as half asleep but he was still talking about the playground being closed and it was in the middle of the night. He even said Please and Thanks when I gave his beaker of milk.

WORD OF THE DAY. No Problem. Just before I started tow write this Rhys wanted to go out to the back to play with our dogs, He has been a little naughty with them he pulls their tails and is starting to hit them too, so I was telling him that if he was going to be naughty with the dogs that I was going to bring him back inside and he wouldn't be allowed to play with them any more. Rhys turns around and says to me NO PROBLEM MUMMY. How cute is that. Sometimes I would love to just eat him. Love him so much.

Well I think that is all for today guys. I hope you enjoy this post don't for get to follow me on Twitter.

Christina xx

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