Saturday, 28 June 2014

Monthly Favourites

Hello my lovely beauties! Today I come to you with a monthly favourite! Something that I haven't done in very long time. These are the products that I have been using all months. 

Starting with the sun screen. As we having been getting lovely heat wave it's very important to wear some block. This one from Nivea 50+. As you can see this one is for babies but if you are very fair and you have sensitive skin this is a great one to use. I use it on Rhys all the time. I use it on myself too. I burned my hand when I was a child and now I have to take extra care of it in the sun, and it does a great job. 

With the nice sun I have got a fine colour on my face and went I was out I didn't want to be wearing heavy foundation so a BB cream I would reach the most. This BB cream I got for €1.50 it's light and it does the job. I am not a huge fan of BB creams so this one is just fine for me.

For he lips I use this Nivea lip butter. I would always have a tin like this of Vaseline but this little guy has changed my mind and I will never go back again. I absolutely love how this lip butter makes my lips feel. I hate having chappy lips. It's awful. What I like to do is to put this on before I go to bed and in the morning I have smooth lips a baby's bottom would compare. LOL!! 

On to the eyes. I don't have much time to get ready so I like to just put on something very quick and leaved or town. This quad is always my best friend. The shades are fantastic and you won't be looking over the top. This quad is called 945 Midtown Mauve. It's created for brown eyes I don't have brown eyes but I was looking at the one for green eyes and there is only one shade that is different to what I have. I live NYC quads they are great quality and very affordable too. 

Staying with the eyes. Very much new Rimmel scandaleyes gel liner in Emerald from the Kate Moss collection is my favourite so far. I love the Emerald colour and its a nice change from the black. 

Into the face. This blush from Collection is called Bashfull and its a light pink shade very pigmented and a fab blush for other skin tones. Cheap but great product. 

Staying with the face. As I was using the BB cream I felt that I was very oily and yet I have very dry skin so to reduce that oily shine I used my Avon pressed powder in light medium. This powder is from the ideal flawless collection. I really don't know if Avon sell them any more. As Avon has left Ireland. As I said I have dry skin and I really don't use this or any powder but when I have to use it, it does the job. 

And last but not least a nail polish that I have used so many times during the month. It's from NYC and its called Disco Inferno. I love how this just brings up any colour of polish. All you need it one coat. 

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites. What is your favourites?

Christina xx 

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