Friday, 11 July 2014

Daily Life: Life Update

Hi everyone. I know I haven't blogged in two weeks or longer at this stage but life has been so busy right now. On top of that I haven't been myself really. 

I have some family things going on which I won't go into at the moment. I might write a post about it some day for people  who may be having similar problems. I am currently getting some help so I should be getting only feet. 

Rhys' birthday is only around the corner and we are planning to go to London for a week but I still haven't got my passport Rhys doesn't either. Tickets have to be booked soon if we would like to get a good deal. I haven't been out of the country in about 8 yrs. I moused out oh my boyfriends 21 a few years ago I had to work and I had paid for the tickets. 

For some reason I am not getting enough rest during the night and when I wake up I want to go back to bed its like I have been drinking for the past three days. I am taken vitamins but they don't seem to be working. 

The other day I found out that I live very close to a friend that passed away nearly 6 years go cousin. Anyway I went down to have a chat and all we did was talk about her cousin who I went to school with. We were very close friends and I miss him very much. Anyway since the day I was with his cousin I have been very upset as it opened up old wounds for me. I had found out information that I didn't know. Other stuff that I didn't take in properly at the time. I have been walking around the house like a zombie. 

I don't want to putting a damper on your day. So ill leave it here and my next post will be a happy one. 

Thank you all for reading my post it means a lit to me. 

Christina xx

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