Monday, 9 June 2014

Rita Ora nail polish by Rimmel Review

Hi everyone. Last week I bought myself a few new nail polishes from Rimmel. This Rita Ora collection has been out for a while now but I wasn't to pushed about it, do when I seem them on offer 3 for 2 I gave it a chance. 

1. White Hot Love
This is just a basic white nothing too over exciting about it. It takes about two to three coats to get it good colour.  I wasn't to impressed with it as it is very sticky. I like to apply think coats and I didn't like how it left gaps. 

I have to say I am really disappointed with this I have other 60 second polishes and they are not like that. 

2. Breakfast in bed 
This is a minty green I really like this shade but again it's not the best quality. After a second coat it's better but still doesn't come up as opaque as I would like it. They are cheaper and same price nail polish that are much better then these two. 

I am glad that I only got the two. It would have been a waste of money if I went and got them all. We all have to look after our money theses days. 

Did you try this collection? What do you think of it? 

Christina xx 

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