Saturday, 11 May 2013

MUA Concealer Review

Hey everyone. I hope that your weekend has been much more fun then mine. I stood wrongly on my ankle yesterday and I can't really walk properly. Anyway enough about me lets get started on this review. I bought this concealer. This is my first ever liquid concealer. The shade that I have is 'fair' I got it so that I could use it under  my eye area as a highlight. To be quite honest with you I don't have much to conceal so that's why I like it for a highlight. I have to say it great to conceal my dark circles the small bit that I have. Because its the lightest shade in the store I thought that it wouldn't be great to cover my red chin that I sometimes get, but it does a great job at that too, if you to use it on your red patches on your face, you would have to powder it with a powder that has a bit of color to it so that it wouldn't be so light. I hope you know what I mean, I am not that good sometimes to explain things. I really like it. The consistency isn't too liquidy and it not too think either which I really like. As I always use it under my eyes it doesn't crease which is an other bonus, but I do always powder it too.  The MUA Cover and Conceal is my favorite concealer and for the price of it I love it. Its less the two euro.

I have to say this is the BEST conceal ever. I will try the Collection 2000 and I will have to compare them two together. 

I hope that you found this helpful.

Christina x

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