Sunday, 16 April 2017


Happy Easter Everyone.

Its Easter Sunday and everyone is full of chocolate eggs at the moment. I am on the other hand found myself a little Berry capsule that have saved my life, well not my life as such, but my whole skincare routine, with my outlook to berries in general. How Powerful they really ARE!

I stated taking these Berry capsules just over a month ago and I have seen such a big different in my energy levels,  my skin, hair and nails.
Before I started taking the Juice Plus Berry Capsules I was always tired before I got out of bed in the morning. By the time the afternoon hits I was so tired that I could fall asleep on the couch for a hour. I am 27 years, that should have not been happening to me.

The Benefits of the Berry Capsules.

  1. 11 Different Variety of Berries
  2. Powerful antioxidants
  3. Healthier and clearer skin
  4. Healthier and stronger nails and hair growth
  5. Healthier teeth and gums.
  6. Increases Energy levels. 

How much do you spend on your skincare products, creams and all sorts? I only spend 97cent a day. 

If you would like any more info on these AMAZING BERRY CAPSULES. Leave me a comment and I will get back to you. 

Thank you all for reading and HAPPY EASTER

Christina xox

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