Saturday, 23 March 2013

Avon's Color Trend Power shadow in Blue Pop

Hey everyone. I got this eye shadow a good few months ago, but I wasn't sure how to use it properly. I had to play around with it and see whats the best way to use it. This is a newish product it only came out about 6 months ago. I did my eye make up this morning because I was making a video and I always like to have something different on my eye, just to change it up around.

This is a loose power and its a lovely rich blue color. This shadow come is dark gray, and I think green. They are really fun shadows to play around with. They are now your every day kinda color, but its really nice to have in your collection.

For this eye shadow to stick on your eye lid and not for it to move all day. You need a good base and a cream shadow or a pencil so that it has something to stick to. I used my Rimmel 'Jungle Green' eyeliner. This also helped the blue even more vibrant and stand out even more. You can also use the eye shadow wet. Simply wet your brush not to much though, then dab into the pot.

 If you try this pigment dry it has a lot of fall out. Its very easy to wipe away or just dust away with an other big brush. I love love this product and I will defiantly will be using it more often. I have green eyes so it make my eyes to stand out too. This shadow will last me for a long time as you only need a very small amount of this, and it comes out so vibrant. The color pay off is awesome!

Hope you all enjoy this post!
Love Christina x

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