Thursday, 21 March 2013

Welcome To My Beauty Blog

Hi to all who is reading. I am just going to start off by telling ye all a little about me. My name is Christina and I love make up, the only thing that I'm short is a lot and a lot of money lol. I make a YouTube channel like a year ago and it was hard to get on the ladder of making videos. So many people make great videos and they edit they so that they look amazing. I thought I'd make a blog so that I could talk about other products on this blog and make videos on other things on my channel. I hope that all of ye would enjoy my blogs posts. I will link my YouTube channel so that if you want to check it out. Enjoy
Christina x



  1. Hey wanna blog about the makeup I'm selling? Just got to or just add me on Facebook I'm having an online party Saturday in my group for my mom:) my Facebook is Erica Leigh Franklin

  2. :) thanks. I am only starting off, but ill check out your FB! :) Happy selling

  3. good luck darling.
    i'll help you out and follow <3
    if you ever need help or just wan to chat email me
    check out my blog and follow me back? <3

  4. Thanks Ashley. I will check out your blog, I love finding out new people. Your so nice and helpful. Thank you for the support it means so much! X