Sunday, 29 March 2015

Daily Life: Update on my Life

Hello there. It has been a good while since I have blogged, I think it was just before Christmas that I wrote my last post. I am sorry guys that I haven't been blogging. Life has just taken over again. I know I always say the same thing but it is true. So since last December this is what I have been up to.

First off I have been looking for a job and still unemployed. It is so frustrating to look for a job. I'll still keep a look out for one. I don't know if I had told you about a blog type of website that I was on. I forget the name of it now, but for every article you  would write, you would get paid. It became very sketchy by the time I left it. They weren't paying as muchas they were suppost to when I singed up. Then all these rules came in, so to make this awful long story short, I wrote over one hundred articles and made my €50 worth, naturally I redeemed. I knew I would have to wait for at least two to three months to get paied though paypal. To this day I still didn't get paid. I think it was a total scam. To be honest I didn't fret to much about it, because at the end of the day I didn't loose out on anything, I didn't have to pay to sing up all that was wasted was my time.

For the past few weeks I have started knitting. I bought myself a pair of needles and some cheap wool. The reason for the cheap wool was so that I would see if I liked it or not, or how good I would be. I really love it, its so relaxing. At the moment I am learning how to make a guage swatch and how to make a childs jumper from my measurements. I have been researching on YouTube how to  knit a jumper. I enjoy making my own items like clothes, that is why in school I loved woodwork and metalwork. I was the only girl in metalwork for two years. It was fun. I gave it up because the last two years really focused on more of the mechanical side of things. I didn't really want to be a machanic.

Some news on my Rhys. He is getting very big everyday, and talks like he is six and not three. He doesn't like to be called a baby, and has an opionion on evrything. We are nearly there with potty training. He is drinking less during the night and I am hoping in a other few weeks there will be no nappies. I am looking forward to that day.

In other news Jeff and I are looking for a house to move it it. We need our own space at this stage, Rhys needs his own room. Rhys has so many toys at the moment that there is no room to put them all. I have to do some sort of car boot sale to get rid of some of them. Well I think that is some news that I can think of for you all. I hopw you enjoyed this post and I have more coming in the next few days. It has all been planed out.

Thank you again for stopping by it means the world to me.

Christina xx


  1. Great post !! Good on you with knitting ! You'll be making clothes in no time he he :)

    1. Thanks Steves K. I like knitting. I know Ill be covered from head to toe in all of my knited clothes. lol