Sunday, 17 January 2016

Daily Life : I have made some scheduls.

Hi guys, as always it has been over a months since I posted anything. You may already know that blogmas didn't work out for me. I was way to tired every night when I came home from work, it was my first Christmas working in ages and I hadn't got any energy to do anything. I did try to blog over my phone and for some reason the Blogger App isn't working anymore on my phone, I don't know why that is.

Last Monday I turned 26 years old. I can't believe that last year has gone so fast. Where does the time go, I really don;t know. There is so much I would like to do this year. The top thing on my list this year is to go to the Beauty Show in the RDS. I have holidays booked for that, now all is left to do is to buy the tickets which I think are on sale now, I must hurry on. I am sending off forms to get myself a new passport, I haven't been out of the country for over 8 years, I need to see the world. Another thing on my list to do this year.

Rhys was in hospital over the Christmas holidays and that wasn't a very nice experience. He is OK now though and that is all that matters.

As you may already know I work in a coffee shop. I had coffee training a month or so ago and since then I have been practising my coffee art. I am not on the coffee machine to often, so when I get a chance to make some coffees I will try to make some sort of art. I have been watching videos on Instagram of people making coffee art. It just amazes me. I am kinda weired.

On to other news. I have been thinking since its a new year and all that I should make a schedule for my YouTube channel and this blog, so that you guys will know when to come back for more material to watch and read. I am currently saving for a laptop so that way I will be able to do all of my YouTube and blogging stuff without interfering with Jeff's stuff too. At the moment we are using one computer and its kinda hard. I am thinking of writing blog post during the week and posting them on a Friday and Sunday, that way I have a least two posts a week going out. Same goes for YouTube I am going to record in the evening when I come home from work and upload those videos on a Tuesday and Thursday, I know a lot of people uploading on the same days but I think those days are the most popular days that people sit down and watch videos.

Those are my plans for the time being anyway. If anything changes I will let ye all know.

Thank you all for stopping by, don't forget to say HI to me in the comments.

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