Sunday, 31 January 2016

Getting back into it again

Hi guys, how are ye all doing?

I didn't blog last week becasuse I was way to tired to do it. Jeff and I went off and got ourselves a new laptop. Its pretty good I have to say. Its a HP one. Don't ask me any more about it because I have no idea about it. Jeff picked it out.

Work has been very slow at the start of the week for the past two weeks. We cleaned everything Monday and Tuesday.

I have to get used to editing my YouTube videos on the laptop and I am being so lazy about it. I know it has to be done. Talking of videos I am currently editing my January Favorites. If you have missed out in my last video here is is now. So that your up-to date.

I will be filming a new video for Thursday guys I think ye will enjoy this one. Its going to be a First Impressions with a twist. 

In other news this Wednesday is going to be an exciting day, I am going to sit my Driving Theory Test. I am so looking forward to start driving and being more independent. That will make life so much easier, but also more expensive. The cost of petrol, insurance tax and everything else that comes with a car. It has to be done. 

That is all of my news for today guys. 

Christina. xx


  1. I hope you get your car on the road in no time! You can do it!!