Friday, 1 August 2014

Daily Life: Keeping up with the Kardashians

Hey guys. Since I haven't done a daily life post in a little while I thought today would be the perfect day as I lost my photos for a post that I was going to write today, never mind that I'll just update you on what's been happening in my life. 

I was going to make a post on this topic but it was going to be a short one. So this is why I am going to start with today. 

During the week I was watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashiens' now it's not something that I keep up with as its not my sort of entertainment but I was extremely bored and tele was rubbish as usual. It was a new episode were Kim and Kris go to Vienna to some ball. On that trip both Kim and Kris were humiliated on a racial point. There was this white man with his face painted black. He kept saying to Kim 'hey do you remember me' (I think, not sure on the dialogue). Now to me this man shouldn't have been left in to this posh ball. I was in so much shock that this crap still goes on. How can people be so nasty is beyond my understanding. Then when the both women were coming home, this woman ( who was in first class) was extremely racist to Kim about her baby. I won't be repeating what that woman said because it was disgusting behaviour out of a woman. I felt so sorry for Kim. She was so upset when they came back to the states. 

I cannot stand racist people, I don't like to be in the same room as  them. They make me sick. I don't understand why do some people have to say nasty thing to other people and have a comment on what they look like. 

Ok rant over for this. I feel much better now. 

A couple days ago I bought some tapioca pears to make some bubble tea. There has been such a big thing about bubble tea that I have to try it and see what's the fuss about. 

I haven't tried it so I hope that I like it. All I need are them huge straws and Ill be sorted.  

We are all going to London for Rhys birthday. So that should be fun. Ill keep you updated on that. This trip is going to my first in about 8 years. I can't believe that I haven't left this county is such a long time. 

Hope you all are having a nice week.

Did you see that episode of the Kardashians? What did I you think of it. 

Thanks all for stopping  by.

Christina xx 

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