Monday, 1 April 2013

Avon Lady has called!

Hi lovely ladies. Before I tell you what I got from Avon, I would like to start by telling you that I was an Avon Rep for while. I loved it every min of it but the only thing it was very hard to sell. So many people would take the brochure but they wouldn't order. Then other people was like get so many products and they would just look at them and just return half of them. Which is so annoying like. I always looked looking through the brochures and wishing that I had loads of money so that I can get all of the brochure. Ok I won't bore you any more and I'll just tell you what I got. The first thing that I got was the Ideal Flawless foundation in light pink.

Light pink you may say well I have ivory and its about half a shade darker then my skin tone, and light pink is about a half shade lighter then my skin tone, so I like to mix the two and get the right tone for me. This foundation is but its not to watery like my Rimmel Match Perfetor. Its on the thick side but not too thick. Its full coverage and I love it. Its normally 15.50 but as Avon do lots of deals in every brochure. So I wait till the foundation is on offer. Sometimes its two for 15.50 other time is 9 euro, and that's what I got it for. It also has SPF 15 which I love having SPF in my foundation.

I love Avon's nail polishes. They have a great color range and great formulas too. The two that I got this time round is (L-R) coral reef and sweet pea dream. Coral reef is a coral pink shade. Really nice for spring. Sweet Pea Dream is a really nude with a gold shimmer. Its really nice and great for them people that don't like wearing color on their nails. This polish is also great for the office and school. I have a new favorite nude polish.

This is thing is what I have been looking for ages is a art tool. One side is a detailed brush and the other side is a small doting tool. Its great that is two things all in one. I love how small this is and you can pop it in your bad and take it any where with you, if your going on holidays. This is all of my little goodies. 

Love Christian xx

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