Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nail Obsession Tag

Hello to all my lovely ladies! I just read this Tag on The Makeup Diary 
and I thought it was pretty cool, so why not do it myself right? Well here is it. If you would like to do this tag feel free. :)

What's your favourite nail polish company? 
Probably Avon. As I have more polishes from them any other company. But I just got into BarryM and O.P.I

2. Glitter or no glitter? 
I like both to be honest. I just after buying some glitter polishes before that I had non, just in the testing process

3. OPI, China Glaze or Essie? 
Since I have one OPI I will have to say OPI. But I am looking into getting some China Glaze too.

4. When do you change your nail polish? 
About twice a week. It depends on how long the nail polish stays on. Sometimes I'll change it if I am going out to match my outfit.

5. What's your favourite colour on your nails? 
Pinks and nude shades. I love having nail polish on that doesn't stand out to much, but in saying that I like my colors too.

6. Darks or brights?
It will have to depend on my mood when I am painting my nails. I don't really go by the seasons and change all my nail polishes from winter to summer. 

7. What are you wearing on your nails this very moment? 
Leopard print that I did myself. Base- Avon's Sweet Pea Dreamer. Spots-Rimmels Jungle Princess, Outline- Rimmels Black Cab

8. Matte nails - in or out?
I am not a bit fan of matt nails. Out.

9, French manicure? 
All the day. When my nails grow a small bit I always do a French tip. Sooo Pretty

10. Favourite colour for upcoming season? 
All the pastels. As I said I love having light colors in my nails. just a hint of color. <3

Hope that you all enjoy this. 

                                        Lots of Love 

Christina xx

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