Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hey guys. So I just uploaded a new videos to my YouTube channel if you would like to watch that you can Here and if you don't watch YouTube videos I thought I'd do a blog post about the video that I just did. Its the 50 Random things you didn't know about me. So lets get started.

  1. I am originally from Belarus. Now living in Ireland.
  2. I love love Indian food. My boyfriend asked me to try it one time and now I am hooked. I will not have Chinese anymore.
  3. I hated the color PINK. Now I don't mind it but when I was younger I had nothing that was pink.
  4. My favorite color is BLUE 
  5. I did culinary arts. I thought I wanted to be a chef, but its way too much pressure in the kitchen
  6. At school I did metal work. I was the only girl in the whole school apart form the first yrs as they all had to do it.
  7. I started applying make-up when I was about 13, and I was hooked. I use to be up in my room just caking my face with loads and loads of make-up
  8. I didn't wear dresses for a very long time. Its only in  recent years that I have started wearing dresses going out or even during the day. I even went a school that didn't have dresses (Uniform)
  9. I really don't like beef burgers that you buy from a chipper/takeway. Its not really nice.
  10. My favorite programmes are: all the C.S.I's Criminal Minds and Bones. To be honest I would watch anything that has crime in it. 
  11. The countries that I have been in are: Spain, England, Belarus, America, 
  12. I have s slight addiction to tea. I have to have like 5 cups of tea a day.
  13. The products that I all ways go for is Foundation. I love foundation don't ask me why
  14. I used to be a huge jewelery person but now I don't really wear it all that much, as Rhys gets at all of it.
  15. I love internet shopping. Just even looking at all the products. 
  16. Long hair don't suit me.
  17. I have a son...his mane is Rhys
  18. I have a horrible habit and its biting my nails. That's why I have to have them short all the time. 
  19. I would love to live in America. The land of Dreams!
  20. I started uploading videos because my boyfriend was doing them. So I was watching some guru's and I thought why not I think I am going to try this. 
  21. My fav family celebration would have to be Mothers Day...because I am a MUMMY now
  22. I don't like stray dogs. I love animals but if there is a dog on the street I will like die
  23. I love reading U Magazine. Its an Irish mag
  24. I love love the Harry Potter movies. It was so sad when it finished up last summer.
  25. I have cutting grass in the summer.
  26. I have been in Disneyland in Paris twice, and amazing
  27. I have been to Portraiture.
  28. I love dolfines and tigers
  29. I love taken pictures and putting them into frames
  30. I don't drive as I am afraid of crashing 
  31. I hate spiders.
  32. My favorite shoe is boots.
  33. I know very little about computers.
  34. I love Meerkats
  35. The only thing that I get to watch all day long is Cbeebies
  36. I love fluffy socks
  37. I am the coldest person in this world
  38. I watch way to much YouTube
  39. When Facebook first came out. You couldn't get me off it.
  40. The fist game that I played on FB is Farmville. I also was addicted to that.
  41. I don't really tweet all that much. 
  42. I don't get on with girls like with boys. I do have my girl friends but we know each other for years and there is n bitching among us.
  43. I did drama when I was in school, but I was too quite and the boys and girls that were there bossed me around way to much.
  44. I love watching discovery channel.
  45. I was an Avon Rep for about 9 months, but it didn't work out. Now Avon is going out from the country.
  46. There was a time when I didn't leave the house with out make up or heels.
  47. I would live on chocolate
  48. I really don't like acrylic nails that are pointed once. They are horrible looking.
  49. I can touch my nose with my tongue not many people can do that.
  50. I would never write with a black pen.
I hope you an enjoy this post. 
Lots of Love Christina xx

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